where you can actually see those colors *O* xD !!!! HAPPPPPYYYY BIRTHDDSAYAYYYYYYYAYYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAY :D yeeeeaahuhhhhhhhhuhuhh I like how it came out. and just for you:3 a drawing! drawings like I say seem to be more special xD - lovers you! xD o.o I didn't know how Shuroii's sword went so I looked at some recent pictures and got this :PPPpPpPpPppPp OH my fails at female anatomy T-T I am SOOOOOOO terrible at this shiiiiiiz O.o shame on me!!! this is why I only draw boys xD my girls tend to have broad shoulders o.o I'm sorry if Shuroii here does x.x ugghgggguahahhdhahabshdiwhhvdjei bluh